How to encrypt your Mobile Devices

To ensure your smartphone or tablet meets all security requirements, you must install and enroll in AirWatch. AirWatch is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) agent that allows you to access your Mednet Exchange email and calendar securely from your smartphone/tablet and also ensures the device is encrypted, has a passcode and has not been jailbroken.

AirWatch cannot be used to access texts, personal emails, photos, or any other personal information on your device. AirWatch collects only the following information from your device to aid in device identification and troubleshooting: user name, Mednet AD User ID, Mednet AD email address (if applicable), Mednet Wi-Fi certificate, operating system, model, display model, last time device checked in with AirWatch, enrollment status, if it has been jailbroken, encryption status, current carrier, home carrier, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, and phone number. This information will be viewed only when necessary to resolve problems for a specific device.

AirWatch Requirements

To enroll in AirWatch and use your mobile device for university business, you must meet all eligibility requirements. If you are eligible for AirWatch, you will be issued two AirWatch licenses, which are each valid for one mobile device. If you need additional licenses, you must contact your department/group IT support.

Hospital and FPG Personnel Requirements

  1. All employees are eligible
  2. Mednet AD account
  3. Mednet email account preferred but not required

DGSOM Personnel Requirements

  1. Students, Academic Title, and/or Staff Title (paid monthly) are eligible**
  2. Mednet AD account
  3. Mednet email account preferred but not required
  1. **Non-Exempt Employees and Volunteers
    Non-exempt (bi-weekly paid) employees and volunteers will need to obtain approval from his/her department/group Human Resources department and supervisor to use his/her mobile devices for university business. Once you have been approved for conducting university business on your mobile device, you may enroll in AirWatch.

Enroll in AirWatch

To enroll in AirWatch, please follow the instructions below: