What is the Encryption Fair?

As per UCLA Health Policy HS 9453-C: Use of Mobile Devices and Removable Media, all mobile devices and removable media used for University business must be encrypted and password protected to further ensure information security WHETHER OR NOT they are used to access restricted information. The 2016 Onboarding Encryption Fair is being held to ensure that incoming residents, fellows, clinical instructors, and medical students only use mobile devices and removable media for University business that are encrypted and password-protected.

What to bring to the Encryption Fair:

  1. Your University ID card.
  2. Windows or Macintosh laptop that needs to be encrypted (No bootcamp).
  3. The AC power adapter for your laptop. Laptops without an AC power adapter will not be accepted for encryption.

What to know for the Encryption Fair:

  1. Laptops that are submitted for encryption are held for a minimum of 24 hours. Please be prepared to leave your laptop overnight. Your laptop will be stored in a locked room with restricted access to authorized personnel while it is encrypting.
  2. At check-in, we will verify whether or not your laptop needs to be and can be encrypted.
  3. Check-in will take up to twenty minutes. Your computer must be checked for encryption compatibility and an administrative account for technicians must be created. The administrative account will be removed at check-out. To expedite the check-in process, please check in before visiting the fair.
  4. Your computer’s hard drive will be checked for health and the data will be backed up before attempting to encrypt the device. If your computer fails disk check or fails to backup, your device will not be encrypted and will be returned to you as is. If your device cannot be encrypted or fails to be encrypted for any reason, it cannot be used for University business.
  5. Check-out may take up to 15 minutes.


Please call (310) 267-CARE (2273) or read our frequently asked questions.